Wheeler Engineering Professional Armorers Wrench. Wheeler’s Delta Series Professional Armorer’s Wrench is designed to be the last wrench you’ll need for building your perfect rifle. This tool is what every gunsmith or armorer needs to be able to build or repair their AR-15. It’s constructed from the highest quality materials delivering you the best performance for all your gunsmithing needs at a great value, and includes 6 different essential AR tools. The handle has torque measurements included on the handle for accuracy with every build.

Wheeler Engineering Professional Armorers Wrench

Wheeler Engineering Professional Armorers Wrench

White Oak Armament Dry Fire Device. This device was created to give you a realistic dry fire experience while ensuring you will not damage your equipment. It installs through the top of the magwell before placing the upper onto your lower. Very easy to use. A lever on the side allows you to reset the trigger without breaking your position. The size and profile are the same as the 20 round magazine used in highpower. A great option for your off-season training A handy tool for any coach Works with any AR-15

White Oak Armament Dry Fire Device

Yankee Hill Machine Co. Forearm Wrench. Heavy, steel, spanner wrench makes it easy to tighten handguard barrel nuts to the correct torque. Notched end engages the indexing ring on Yankee Hill handguards and others with similar, slotted indexing rings for aligning the accessory rails.

Yankee Hill Machine Co. Forearm Wrench

Young Mfg Ar-15/M16 Bolt Ejector Tool. Aluminum fixture securely cradles bolt and prevents flying parts. Threaded steel shank captures and compresses ejector spring and aligns roll pin for easy removal with punch, loosens gradually to relieve spring tension. Works equally well for bolt assembly. Compact and light enough to take to the field. A must for all AR shooters.

Young Mfg Ar-15/M16 Bolt Ejector Tool

B&T Usa Ghm9 Gen 2 9mm. A lightweight, Pistol chambered in an easy-shooting pistol caliber is a great addition to any defensive arsenal or range-ready rig. The B&T GHM9 Gen 2 9mm is built to offer that compactness, as well as enhanced modularity. The company built on the success of its earlier GHM9 carbine by incorporating modular components. The result is the B&T GHM9 Gen 2 9mm can accept different upper receivers with varying barrel lengths, allowing consumers to get more out of their cartridge with a longer barrel or make the gun more compact with a shorter barrel. All-black finish Barrel length: 6.9 inches Weight: 4.5 pounds Ships with one 30-round magazine

B&T Usa Ghm9 Gen 2 9mm

Benelli U.S.A. Lupo 6.5 Creemoor Rifle. The LUPO is Benelli’s first bolt-action rifle. Sub-MOA accuracy, advanced ergonomics, and shooting comfort have been carefully engineered into this chassis-style hunting rifle that allows for exclusive fit and customization out of the box. Lupo is Italian for wolf and the Benelli LUPO is destined to dominate the land the way Benelli’s Super Black Eagle dominates the skies.

Benelli U.S.A. Lupo 6.5 Creemoor Rifle