Smith Enterprise Ar-15/M16 Armorer’s Wrench. Extra-heavy duty armorers wrench provides easier installation and removal of all barrels up to 1 1/4″ diameter with either encapsulated or peg-style barrel nuts. Extra-long handle features smooth, contoured edges for comfortable use. Includes 1/2″ square drive opening for torque wrench application; 5/8″ and 3/4″ slots fit receiver extensions and A1/A2 flash suppressors .223 for AR-15/M16 application. 3/4 inch slot may not fit some brakes, flash hiders or comps with less than .410 long driving flats.

Smith Enterprise Ar-15/M16 Armorer's Wrench

Smith Enterprise Ar-15/M16 Armorer s Wrench

Surefire Bore Alignment Rod. Surefire Bore Rods are intended to check concentricity prior to firing suppressed on a new platform. The rod most closely represents the bullet flight path and will show any issue of alignment, if present. Recommended to verify barrel to adapter to suppressor alignment, for any new build or any previously un-shot setup. Choose the corresponding rod for your caliber rifle or carbine. Precision machined rods for most accurate verification For validation of set-up prior to first round fired Specific caliber rods for the most popular options on the market today Simply insert the Surefire Bore Rod through the mounted suppressor of an unloaded weapon. Equal space

Surefire Bore Alignment Rod

Tangodown Armorer’s Blocks. High-density polymer blocks allow critical subassemblies of the SOF Command Assault Rifle to be tightly clamped in a vise without danger of crushing, twisting, or otherwise distorting them. Provides secure support for safe, effective cleaning, adjustment, maintenance, and repair without marring or scratching the finish. Available as a complete set or separate components. Upper Receiver/Barrel Block surrounds the front sight/gas block to securely hold the barrel module while also protecting the exposed portion of the gas system leaving your upper free to be worked on. Lower Receiver/Trigger Module Block locks into the magazine well and absorbs all the clamping force to protect the S

Tangodown Armorer's Blocks

The Device Manufacturing Llc. Ar-15/M16 Upper Receiver Fixture. Professional Grade AR Upper Receiver Fixture. Robust fixture designed for years of hard use. Quick, intuitive interface that allows rapid building/rebuilding and repair of the entire upper receiver of the AR15/M16/M4 family of rifles/carbines/pistols. Designed to allow all upper receiver parts to be installed or removed without interference. Designed with rail systems in mind, the Device has clearance for most rail systems to allow installation and removal while the upper is securely held. Holds receiver from the inside via the bolt carrier raceway and charging handle raceway by way of a “T” interface. Front and rear lugs are controlled along with the entire bottom receiver flat

The Device Manufacturing Llc. Ar-15/M16 Upper Receiver Fixture

The Device Manufacturing Llc. Ar-308 Upper Receiver Fixture. Even if you tell yourself you’re not going to tinker with that AR-308, the truth is still the same. At some point, you’re going to tinker with that AR-308. Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, make sure you’re not scratching and tearing things up by just “”making it work”” with random tools from your toolbox. Get an AR-308 Upper Receiver Fixture from The Device Manufacturing and work on your AR the right way. Designed to work with any AR-308-style rifle, regardless actual caliber, size or type, this Upper Receiver Fixture makes it possible to build or tear down any AR-308 upper without damaging any of the components or the receiver itself. Th

The Device Manufacturing Llc. Ar-308 Upper Receiver Fixture

Vetpowered Llc. Vmg Cleaning Tools. No matter how much you scrub, soak and clean your AR-15 or AR .308, there always seems to be that little bit of baked-on carbon fouling in those little corners you can’t get at. Bring your rifle back into like-new condition by using the VetPowered VMG Cleaning Tool. Available in MK-15 and MK-10 versions for AR-15 and AR .308 owners, respectively. The innovative design of the VetPowered VMG Cleaning Tool provides seven different functions within this one simple device. The stainless-steel unit features profiles that match the profile of the bolt and bolt carrier, so you can get into those hard-to-reach spots to scrape out stubborn carbon. The tool also features an eyelet that acce

Vetpowered Llc. Vmg Cleaning Tools