Ruger Ai-Style Polymer Magazines 5.56mm Nato Caliber. Designed for use with the Ruger Precision Rifle and Gunsite Scout Rifle. 50% glass-filled polymer design for strength and durability. Stainless steel spring provides reliable feeding and corrosion resistance. Designed to function with many AICS-style bottm metal assemblies. Dust cover protects rounds from damage and debris during transportation and storage. Made in the USA!

Ruger Ai-Style Polymer Magazines 5.56mm Nato Caliber

Ruger Ai-Style Polymer Magazines 5.56mm Nato Caliber

Ruger American 3rd Magazine 450 Bushmaster. This magazine for the Ruger American Rifle in .450 Bushmaster is a direct factory replacement for the original magazine that came with your gun. The Ruger American Rifle .450 Bushmaster magazine has a polymer mag body with the same single-column feed mechanism as the original. Reinforced molded hard polymer body Non-reflective matte black 3-round capacity Due to the girth of the plump .450 cartridge, the Ruger American Rifle .450 Bushmaster replacement magazine will protrude a little from the underside of the stock when properly seated. Grooves molded at the bottom give you a firm hold for easily extracting mag from magwell.

Ruger Ruger~ American 3rd Magazine 450 Bushmaster

Ruger Bx-15 Magnum Magazine. Anyone who’s shot the classic Ruger 10/22 is definitely a fan of the Ruger BX-15 magazine, which provides more rounds for more trigger time at the range. Now, owners of Ruger guns chambered in .17 HMR and .22 WMR can take advantage of that same extended capacity of 15 rounds, thanks to the new BX-15 Magnum Magazine. Each Ruger BX-15 Magnum Magazine uses the same feed-lip geometry that makes the company’s JMX-1 rotary magazine such a success, and the stainless-steel construction of the feed lips combined with an anti-tilt follower and the glass-filled nylon magazine body ensures that this BX-15 magazine will provide reliable, durable service for years to come.

Ruger Bx-15~ Magnum Magazine

Ruger Bx-25 Clear Sided Magazine 25-Rd. This genuine Ruger factory magazine with Ruger logo has been tested and has proven to feed as reliably as the standard BX-1 10-round Ruger rotary magazine. BX-25 magazines will work with any factory original 10/22 Rifle, SR-22 Rifle, 22 Charger Pistol, .22 LR Ruger American Rimfire Rifle and .22 LR Ruger 77/22 Rifle.

Ruger Bx-25~ Clear Sided Magazine 25-Rd

Ruger Magazines .350 Legend. This magazine fits the Ruger American Ranch Rifle and AR-556 MPR platforms chambered in .350 Legend. The 410 stainless steel body provides strength and durability while the POST & HOLE adds strength, durability and robotically-welded precision. The mags LIPLOCK technology keeps rounds secured and aligned. The Advanced Geometry Follower remains level for consistent feeding while the EVERFLEX anti-fatigue spring technology ensures long life and reliability. The magazine is finished in a T-360 total coating technology for enhanced performance & cleaning. This DURAMAG magazine is made in the USA by C Products Defense. Available

Ruger Ruger~ Magazines .350 Legend

Ruger Mini-14 Magazine 223/5.56. Genuine Ruger, high quality magazines for optimal performance and long-lasting reliability. Spot welded all-steel body, self-lubricating nylon follower, and tempered steel spring give reliable feeding and extra-long service life.

Ruger Mini-14~ Magazine 223/5.56