Rotor Clip Ejection Cover Hinge Pin Clip Tool. C-clip tool features split-lip design that lets you easily install ejection cover hinge pin clip. No more c-clips shooting across the room. Just slide c-clip into recess in the tool and snap into place. Squared handle makes it easy to grip and manipulate.

Rotor Clip Ejection Cover Hinge Pin Clip Tool

Rotor Clip Ejection Cover Hinge Pin Clip Tool

Saturn Products Scg Ar-15/M16 Accu-Grip Barrel Vise Jaws. Massive aluminum jaws lined with space age polyurethane elastomer grip tight and prevent marring on AR-15/M16 barrels. Two grooves fit standard and heavy barrel contours.

Saturn Products Scg Ar-15/M16 Accu-Grip Barrel Vise Jaws

Short Action Modular Action Wrench. Wrench Body: After extensive torture testingSAC manufactured their wrench bodies out of 4140 Alloy Steel with a super hard heat treat and protected with a Black Oxide finish. With their unique modified 3/8″” square drive interface is tool-less and offers super quick wrench head changes. On the back end, they have a standard 5/8″” Hex to work with any standard 6 point or 12 point socket. With a nominal .685″” body diameter, it works with a large array of actions from Howa 1500’s, Tikka T3’s to the Surgeon XL magnum action. Modular Action Wrench Heads are designed to precisely fit your action to ensure proper torque and to protect your action fr

Short Action Customs Llc. Modular Action Wrench

Sinclair International Ar-15 Bolt Vise. Our bolt vise helps you disassemble your AR-15 bolt easily and without losing any parts. The main function of the tool is to compress the ejector so you can remove the spring pin easily. This enables you to release the pressure on the ejector slowly so the ejector and spring don’t go flying off your workbench. The ejector and spring can be replaced if needed and the bolt reassembled easily. The tool cradles the bolt and holds it firmly in place while the screw assembly compresses the ejector. A hole in the vise allows the pin to drop free. The tool can also be used to hold the bolt securely while replacing gas rings and replacing the extractor. NOTE: We recommend you replace the ejecto

Sinclair International Sinclair Ar-15 Bolt Vise

Sinclair International Bench Block For Remington Bolts. This bench block is specifically designed for use with Sinclair bolt tools for Remington bolt actions. This bench block secures both Remington bolts and firing pins in the proper position for driving out pins. Machined from black Delrin so it will not damage any external finishes and features a machined “”well”” properly located to prevent the loss of pins.

Sinclair International Sinclair Bench Block For Remington Bolts

Sinclair International Remington Ejector Spring Tool. This tool is designed to compress and control the ejector on Remington style bolts. The tool compresses the ejector and then turns to engage the locking lugs to hold the ejector in a compressed position. This allows you to drive the pin out and remove the ejector and spring in a controlled manner. Invaluable tool to have when replacing or shortening the ejector spring. The tool includes quick change fittings for small bolt faces, .222 thru .223, etc. and large bolt faces, .308 thru Magnums, etc.

Sinclair International Sinclair Remington Ejector Spring Tool