Pro Mag Ruger Mini-14 Magazine 6.8 Spc. Self-lubricating, polycarbonate follower with precision-wound, heat-treated, chrome silicon spring ensures reliable feeding you can count on for defensive maneuvers and tactical competitions. Removable base plate allows easy disassembly for cleaning. Ruger Mini-14 magazines have a heat-treated, carbon steel body that’s TIG welded for uniformity and lasting strength.

Pro Mag Ruger Mini-14 Magazine 6.8 Spc

Pro Mag Ruger Mini-14 Magazine 6.8 Spc

Pro Mag Sks Magazine Polymer 7.62×39 5 Rds. SKS 02 is a 5-rd magazine designed for SKS rifles and carbines. The magazine body and follower are constructed of a proprietary DuPont Zytel based polymer to ensure a long service life.

Pro Mag Sks Magazine Polymer 7.62x39 5 Rds

Pro Mag Sks Polymer Magazines 7.62x39mm. The SKS carbine is one of the gems of the surplus market, having ended up in every enthusiast’s collection at one point or another. Though they’ve gone up in price in recent years, they still make great range rifles, and the use of these extended-capacity magazines only increases the amount of trigger time you can get through these carbines. To keep things affordable, the magazine body on each of these SKS mags is molded from DuPont’s Zytel-based polymer, which has a reputation for durability. Inside the magazine, you’ll find a long-lasting magazine spring made from heat-treated, chrome-silicon wire, which is topped by an injection-molded follower. These SKS carb

Pro Mag Sks Polymer Magazines 7.62x39mm

Pro Mag Springfield M1a 20rd Magazine 308 Winchester. High capacity, steel magazine is built to withstand extreme abuse and still provide trouble-free, reliable operation. High-strength, welded magazine body includes steel follower and precision wound spring for smooth, repeatable feeding. Removable floorplate allows easy cleaning.

Pro Mag Springfield M1a 20rd Magazine 308 Winchester

Pro Mag Springfield M1a/M14 Drum Magazine Polymer .308 Winchester. Though the Springfield M1A, a commercial copy of the popular military-issue M14, has 20-round magazines, there are range visits that just require a drum mag for a fun experience. AR-style rifle owners always had all the fun when it came to drum mags, but thanks to the team at Pro Mag, now owners of the Springfield M1A can get in on the fun. This Pro Mag Springfield M1A/M14 Drum Magazine is made using a proprietary type of Zytel-based polymer originally made by DuPont. The housing is made from this material, while the upper feed tower features a carbon-steel lip reinforcement that’s overmolded to aid in durability and lubricity. The drum is completed with an injection-molded magaz

Pro Mag Springfield M1a/M14 Drum Magazine Polymer .308 Winchester

Ruger 10/22 15rd Magazine 22 Lr. This genuine Ruger factory magazine with Ruger logo has been tested and has proven to feed as reliably as the standard BX-1 10-round Ruger rotary magazine. BX-15 magazines will work with any factory original Ruger 10/22 rifle, SR-22 rifle, and 22 Charger pistol.

Ruger Ruger~ 10/22~ 15rd Magazine 22 Lr