P&L Development Ar-15 Barrel Extension Wrench. One model installs or removes AR-15 barrel extensions safely and easily without making a “wrench” from an old bolt head. Machined, hardened, steel engagement teeth fully engage locking lugs for precise fit; alignment sleeve holds wrench square with barrel, prevents slipping or damage. 3/4″ hex drive gives plenty of leverage to get really tight extensions loose.

P&L Development Ar-15 Barrel Extension Wrench

P&L Development Ar-15 Barrel Extension Wrench

Power Custom Series I Stoning Fixture. Save time and money by providing repeatable setup, accurate, measurable adjustments and suitability for many guns. The complete fixtures includes an adapter for the specific gun listed. Purchase more adapters separately for other guns; many jigs combined in one fixture! To use, mount hammer or trigger/sear on adapter, set and lock at correct index mark as instructed. Set stoning angle by counting “clicks” specified to raise or lower elevator and stoning guide. Lock guide, place stone on both roller and hammer or trigger/sear, and stone as normal. Easily adjustable to allow variations in stoning angle for exact, desired trigger pull weight. Same tool Ron Power uses in his own s

Power Custom Series I Stoning Fixture

Precision Reflex Ar-15/M16 Barrel Nut Wrench. Heavy-duty wrench provides plenty of leverage for installing and removing barrel nuts when used with a 3/8″ or 1/2″ drive breaker bar, socket wrench, or torque wrench. Cut from 3/8″ thick steel, with plenty of metal so it won’t flex under pressure while transferring the torque evenly to the nut. Models available for AR-15/M16, ArmaLite. Armorer’s AR-15/M16 model has a built-in 10″-long handle for convenience, plus additional holes between pins help with proper gas tube alignment. Still includes 3/8″ and 1/2″ drive cutouts.

Precision Reflex Ar-15/M16 Barrel Nut Wrench

Precision Reflex Dpms/Kac 308 Barrel Nut Wrench. Barrel Nut Torq Wrench for DPMS & KAC Rifles. This wrench allows the shooter to put the exact amount of pressure needed on the barrel nut while attaching the barrel to the receiver. Constructed of 3/8 high steel with 4 lugs on each side to accommodate the DPMS and KAC Barrel Nuts. Works with any 3/8 or 1/2 drive torque wrench. This wrench is for 24-tooth free float barrel nuts.

Precision Reflex Dpms/Kac 308 Barrel Nut Wrench

Rainier Arms Advanced Armorer’s Wrench. Rainier Arms Advanced Armorer’s Wrench: The NEW Advanced Armorer’s Wrench is designed to ergonomically increase efficiency! With its enhanced features from the center designed Barrel Nut Wrench with opposing grips to the Enhanced Castle Nut Wrench, you’ll get the job done better than ever before. Built to last from 8620 Steel, Heat Treated and Plated. Brought to you by Rainier Arms and developed by Devil Dog Concepts and American Resistance Gear. Advanced Armorer’s Wrench Centered Barrel Nut Wrench, Opposing Curved Grips, Enhanced Castle Nut Wrench, 1/2a ^2 Drive Slots for Torque Wrench, Takedown Pin Press, Enhan

Rainier Arms Advanced Armorer's Wrench

Real Avid Ar-15 Carbon Boss. The Real Avid AR15 Carbon Boss ensures that AR owners can keep their guns in peak condition, allowing them to go after carbon buildup in ways never before possible. The Real Avid AR15 Carbon Boss includes 12 different surfaces that are precisely designed to clean carbon off different parts of an AR bolt-carrier group. Cleans inside and outside of bolt tail Designed for use with both large and small diameter firing pins Features scrapers for firing pin neck, bolt face, bolt lug, bolt carrier and bolt cam pin Includes bronze cleaning brush The Real Avid AR15 Carbon Boss also features a pin punch and cotter-in puller and comes with a nylon storage pouch.

Real Avid Ar-15 Carbon Boss