Mdt Short Action Metal Magazines. AICS pattern Short Action Metal Magazines from Modular Driven Technologies give you a distinct advantage when shooting prone thanks to their unique Double Stack to Single Feed design which reduces overall magazine height. Manufactured from high strength steel, these Short Action Metal Magazines have a Cerakote finish inside and out for superior durability and corrosion resistance, with minimal friction. Magazines equipped with Front Binder Plates hold the cartridges back from the front of the magazines, guiding them past the bottom of the feed ramp for smoother feeding. These mags are compatible with all rifles equipped with AICS-pattern bottom metal

Mdt Short Action Metal Magazines

Mdt Short Action Metal Magazines

Mdt Tikka T3 5 Round Magazine Steel Black 3.560. MDT metal AICS magazines are manufactured from high strength steel and finished with Cerakote for ultimate durability and corrosion resistance. The 300 Win Mag magazine can also be used for 7mm Rem Mag, 30.06, 6.5×55 and similar cartridges by adjusting the feed lips. 3.560″ 300WM for MDT chassis systems for Tikka long action rifles Notes: All MDT chassis are manufactured with a 3.715 magazine well. The Remington Tactical Chassis Rifle and 338 Lapua XCR rifles use a 3.775″ magazine not available from MDT Tikka T3 long action calibers in MDT chassis you must use the 3.560″ option. Will not work with 300 Remington

Mdt Tikka T3 5 Round Magazine Steel Black 3.560

Mdt Tikka T3 Short Action Straight Fit Magazines. MambaMag 10-round magazines were designed to fit into most factory stocks, without any modification, allowing users to increase their magazine capacity from the typical 3rd factory mag capacity to 10 rounds. This is great for anyone getting into precision rifle matches, varmint or predator hunting, or just wants to have more fun at the range. SPECS: 10-round capacity Machined 6061-T6 aluminum upper section for reliability Glass-reinforced nylon lower section and cover plate Maximum C.O.A.L. The measurments below factors in 0.020″ of clearance at the tightest point of the magazine for the rounds to be able to move. Tikka T3 SA .308/6.5 Creedm

Mdt Tikka T3 Short Action Straight Fit Magazines

Mean Arms Ar-9 Endomags 9mm 10-Round. For AR-15 and pistol-caliber carbine enthusiasts living in capacity-restricted states, Mean Arms developed its AR-9 Endomags, which are limited to 10 rounds and designed for use in traditional AR-15 magazine wells. Thanks to this design, these enthusiasts can top their standard AR-15 lower with a 9mm upper receiver and plink away or join the fast-growing PCC clubs across the country. Built using either a Gen 2 or Gen 3 Magpul PMAG, the Mean Arms AR-9 Endomag fits all standard AR-15 magazine wells and is compliant as an unmodifiable, 10-round magazine due to the fixed baseplate. The magazine is designed for use with Glock- or Colt-pattern bolt-carrier groups. The product functions wit

Mean Arms Ar-9 Endomags 9mm 10-Round

Mean Arms Ar-9 Endomags 9mm Conversion Kit. Several companies have developed 9mm conversion systems designed for use in standard AR-15 lowers and uppers. However, feeding a 9mm magazine through a standard AR-15 magazine well presents some issues. Typically, this has been solved by the use of magwell inserts, but Mean Arms tackled the issue with a different take: why not change the magazine itself? The Mean Arms AR-9 Endomag Conversion Kit takes any standard Gen 2 or Gen 3 Magpul PMAG and allows it to be converted to feed 9mm rounds. The conversion is built for use with Glock or Colt 9mm bolt-carrier groups. The kit comes ready to convert 10-round magazines, but it can be modified to fit 20- or 30-round magazines. No magwe

Mean Arms Ar-9 Endomags 9mm Conversion Kit

Metalform Ar-15 20rd Colt Style Magazine 9mm. Rugged, all-steel, high-capacity magazines for 9mm AR-15 conversions that use a Colt-style magazine. Metal follower won’t distort under a full load and aids smooth, reliable feeding. Hold-open feature works with ARs fitted with hold-open on the conversion block. Easy-to-remove floorplate makes disassembly fast and simple. Fits Colt and Rock River conversions with a lower receiver conversion block.

Metalform Ar-15 20rd Colt Style Magazine 9mm