Geissele Automatics Llc Ar-15/M16 Reaction Rod. Sturdy steel rod slips into the upper receiver to give needed support for barrel changes and parts installation. Makes removal and installation of barrels, flash suppressors, gas blocks, and handguards much easier. Designed to be gripped in a bench vise so that the rod is either horizontal or vertical. The upper receiver is then slid onto the rod and the rod’s integral splines enter the barrel extension and secure the barrel extension from turning, allowing all the torque from barrel nut wrenches to go directly into the barrel extension. Unique design can’t mar the barrel’s exterior finish and eliminates the need to remove sights or optics when installing the barrel on the

Geissele Automatics Llc Ar-15/M16 Reaction Rod

Geissele Ar-15/M16 Reaction Rod

Geissele Automatics Llc Ar-15/M4 Super Reaction Rod. The Super Reaction Rod was designed to fulfill the need of an advanced armorer who frequently works on AR-15/M4 platforms with over torqued, seized or Loctited barrel nuts. The Super Reaction Rod works by pre-loading the barrel extension lugs to the lugs of the Super Reaction Rod to eliminate movement created by adding torque to the barrel nut while at the same time fixing the upper receiver in place. Having the barrel extension mated t…o the Super Reaction Rod lugs and fixing the upper receiver before torqueing will remove stress that could be placed on the index pin. This allows the armorer to place tremendous torque on the barrel nut to assist in breaking seized nuts loose. The Super

Geissele Automatics Llc Ar-15/M4 Super Reaction Rod

Geissele Automatics Llc Suppressor Alignment Gage 9mm. The Geissele Suppressor Alignment Gage is a precision gage used to verify the alignment of a suppressor to the bore of a firearm barrel. It is important to understand that the length of the suppressor is usually much longer than the length of the barrel / muzzle device / suppressor interface geometry. A small deviation at the mounting interface means a much larger deviation of the suppressor exit hole. The deviations from nominal can also be additive which compounds suppressor misalignment. The Geissele SAG is manufactured from hardened steel that has been ground 0.002″ under nominal bore diameter. The outside diameter of the SAG is finely finished and straight to 0.001&rd

Geissele Automatics Llc Suppressor Alignment Gage 9mm

Hiperfire Ar-15 Hipertrain Trigger Demonstrators. The Hiperfire Hipertrain enables dry firing of any AR-15 trigger system without having it installed in an actual rifle. It helps demonstrate trigger function to students and is a great aid in letting a retail store customer check out the “feel” of a new trigger before buying. The Hipertrain is made of lightweight machined aluminum and accepts a pistol grip, hammer/trigger/disconnector assembly, and safety selector just like a standard AR-15 lower receiver. It comes with a rubber hammer-strike bumper already installed to protect the hammer from damage. Easily demonstrates trigger function Excellent tool for dry fire practice Sturdy cast

Hiperfire Ar-15 Hipertrain~ Trigger Demonstrators

H-S Precision Magazine Feed Liptool. Easily convert .22-250 and .308 short action, long action, and magnum length detachable magazines from H-S Precision to reliably feed 43 of the most popular rifle cartridges. Milled slot with beveled edge slips over the feed lips, so you can confidently tweak the front and rear widths to caliber-specific dimensions listed on the tool. Aluminum construction prevents scratches to the magazine finish. Provides adjustment for most commercial cartridges from .22-250 to .458 Win Mag.

H-S Precision Magazine Feed Liptool

Kleinendorst Remington 700 F/S Recoil Lug Alignment Tool. A time saver! This high quality tool is secured to the front of the receiver by an Allen head screw. A slot, precisely milled in the front of the tool, guarantees the proper positioning of the recoil lug. No more wasted time from having the lug cant to one side as the barrel is tightened into the receiver.

Kleinendorst Remington 700 F/S Recoil Lug Alignment Tool