Brownells Smle Firing Pin Tool. Absolutely essential for complete bolt takedown; firing pin or spring replacement on the Lee Enfield. Hollow shaft reaches over the firing pin and fits into the firing pin collar notches. Large, plastic handle for good control, won’t dig into the palm. Much neeeded with the recent increase in SMLE imports.

Brownells Smle Firing Pin Tool

Firearms Smle Firing Pin Tool

Crosstac Ar-15 Armorer Block Kit Aluminum. If you’re ready to jump into the world of AR-style rifle building, then it’s critical to have the necessary tools that will make your next AR build a breeze. The Crosstac AR-15 Armorer Block Kit is a must-have for anyone who’s looking to build more than a single rifle. Trust us, you’ll build more than one AR after you’re finished with your first. Designed to work with both AR-15 and AR .308 platforms, this Crosstac Aluminum Armorer Block Kit includes features designed to secure both the upper and lower receivers of these popular platform. This design emerged from the frustration of Crosstac’s team of engineers, who were tired of dealing with clamshell-style re

Crosstac Ar-15 Armorer Block Kit Aluminum

David Tubb Finalfinish System. Abrasive coated bullets provide effective polishing to remove tool marks, rough areas and high spots in bore and throat. Eliminates the primary cause of lead and copper fouling and makes bore cleaning easier and less time consuming. Long, match type, jacketed bullets provide maximum bearing surface for efficient polishing action. Every caliber kit includes 10 bullets each, in five grades of compound to progressively smooth and polish bore.

David Tubb Finalfinish System

Davidson Action Wrenches. Davidson Action Wrenches are designed for the switch barrel shooter with a custom built rifle. Manufactured from 7075-T6 aluminum, these tools are not designed to remove factory installed barrels. Action wrenches are used to break the action free from the barrel while the barrel is held in a barrel vise. This allows the shooter to change barrels in a matter of a few minutes. All rear action wrenches are inserted through the rear of the action and have a 3/4 inch hex end which requires a wrench for turning. Port wrenches are inserted through the action port and are turned by hand. Barrel Vise available separately.

Davidson Action Wrenches

Defiance Machine Action Wrench. Preminium action wrench made from hardened 4340. Comes in two sizes. .700″ for Remington style actions with a .700″ bolt body and .750″ for the Defiance actions with a .750″ bolt body. Works on either right or left hand actions. Uses a 13/16″ hex for use with a torque wrench.

Defiance Machine Action Wrench

Ergo Ar-15/M16 Spike’s Block. One-piece, molded polymer stand securely supports the lower receiver for cleaning, maintenance or storage. Base has a small footprint and clamps to your workbench, while the top fits in the magwell of any AR-15 pattern rifle. Grooves in both sides of insert accept the mag catch to lock your rifle on the block. Can also be used as a wall mount for your rifle.

Ergo Grips Ar-15/M16 Spike's Block