Brownells Mauser Receiver Holding Fixture. Provides complete access to these hard-to-hold receivers, without the worry of crushing or damage. Securely holds Mauser receivers and barreled actions in a bench vise, drill press or milling machine when drilling and tapping for scope bases, polishing, bolt lapping, milling or other modifications. The receiver is rigidly clamped to the fixture using a plate inside the frame rails and/or the stock mounting screws. Fits military and commercial M98 actions.

Brownells Mauser Receiver Holding Fixture

Firearms Mauser Receiver Holding Fixture

Brownells Receiver Facing Cutter & Pilots. Hardened steel cutter and pilots provide the perfect combo for accurizing Remington 700 and AR-15 actions without a lathe. Large, 1 1/2″ diameter cutter squares the receiver face to the boltway for precise mating to the barrel. Twelve, 90deg flutes deliver even pressure and a smooth, chatter-free cut when used with Brownells Muzzle Facing & Chamfering T-Handle, shown below, or our Drill Chuck Adaptor. .700″ diameter pilot fits factory-original, Remington 700 receivers.

Brownells Receiver Facing Cutter & Pilots

Brownells Receiver Facing Mandrel. Precision-machined to correctly center the receiver for lathe turning – ensures that receiver ring and threads will be square. Lets you use a tool-post grinder for fast, accurate recontouring of external surfaces – like removing a Mauser’s charger guide.

Brownells Receiver Facing Mandrel

Brownells Receiver Way Polisher. This heavy, X”XBig BarX”X helps you polish the rails the bolt lugs ride on. Wrap abrasive paper around the end, tighten the set screw, then slide along the X”XwaysX”X . Gives great control and fast cutting.

Brownells Receiver Way Polisher

Brownells Remington Rifle Extractor Rivet Anvil. Fits inside face bolt recess to support back side of the extractor rivet while you peen the other end to lock a new extractor in place. Just like the one Remington uses with one “cut” added for better support when clamping in the vise.

Brownells Remington Rifle Extractor Rivet Anvil

Brownells Safety Installation Tooling. Correctly modify military safety shrouds to accept two-position safeties from Wisner’s Inc. Items sold separately.

Brownells Safety Installation Tooling