Brownells Bolt Extractor Pliers. Made specifically to greatly simplify assembly and disassembly for these bolts – especially if the spring is stiff or your hands are greasy. Work as follows: Turn extractor clockwise. Insert pliers and tilt toward rear of bolt to clear extractor from bolt groove. Now turn pliers and slip off both pliers and extractor spring. Encircle bolt with pliers and squeeze extractor collar closed firmly. Slip extractor onto bolt collar, remove pliers. Now grasp pliers under extractor as shown and force lead edge up and clear of bolt face. Slide extractor rest of way onto bolt, then rotate into groove.

Brownells Bolt Extractor Pliers

Firearms Bolt Extractor Pliers

Brownells Bolt Heat Sinks For Bolt Welding & Forging. Provides protection to locking lugs when welding or forging bolt handles by pulling heat away from these critical areas and dissipating it. Especially effective when used with Heat Control Paste. Threaded to fit securely into rear of bolt body, giving additional protection to interior threads by preventing scale formation. Flats milled on end allow use of wrench. Available separately or as a Set of five.

Brownells Bolt Heat Sinks For Bolt Welding & Forging

Brownells Bolt Lapping Tools. Spring-loaded tool gives constant, straight-back pressure to keep bolt lugs square against the receiver while lapping with 600 to 800 grit, silicon carbide abrasive. Provides better results than mere thumb pressure. Interchangeable threaded sleeves fit popular actions listed below.

Brownells Bolt Lapping Tools

Brownells Car-15/M4 Buttstock Wrench. Dedicated wrench has four precision-machined teeth that ensure full, non-slip engagement of all four notches in an M4-type receiver extension nut for easy removal and installation of collapsible carbine buttstocks. Transfers all the torquing force to the nut for fast tightening or removal without risk of damage to nut, extension tube, or receiver caused by the wrench slipping. Includes the handy add-on features of our universal M4 buttstock tool: pry blade/screwdriver, 1/2″ square torque drive opening, fixed stock receiver extension remover, and a convenient hole in the handle for hanging the wrench on a pegboard. Heavy duty steel construction, machined from a single piece of .312X”X thick steel

Brownells Car-15/M4 Buttstock Wrench

Brownells Crowfoot Wrenches. Available for 3/8″ drive torque wrenches Available in 21mm Chrome Vanadium steel construction Fully polished chrome Recommended by FNH USA for installation of muzzle devices on 16S and 17S rifles

Brownells Crowfoot Wrenches

Brownells M1/M1a/M14 Handguard Clip Pliers. Indispensable tool removes the attaching clip for M1/M1A/M14 top handguards quickly and safely without damaging the wood, the clip, or your fingers. Ergonomic handles fill the hand and provide maximum leverage. Precision machined from 6061 billet aluminum and hardcoat anodized for extra strength and years of trouble-free service. Once you use one of these, youX’Xll wonder how you survived without it.

Brownells M1/M1a/M14 Handguard Clip Pliers