Cmmg Ar-15 25rd Magazine 22lr. Rugged, dependable magazines are specifically designed to help ensure reliable feed and function with CMMG and similar Atchisson-type .22 LR conversion systems. Full-size mag body of injection-molded polymer stands up to the rigors of intensive plinking or tactical training. Fits conveniently in your existing mag pouches and carriers. Easy to remove floorplate allows easy access for cleaning, or remove six hex-head screws for complete disassembly. 25-round is the same size as a curved, USGI-style 30-round magazine.

Cmmg Ar-15 25rd Magazine 22lr

Cmmg Ar-15 25rd Magazine 22lr

Cmmg Ar-15 9 Arc Conversion Magazines 9mm. Pistol-caliber carbines are hot guns right now, but one limiting factor is that you’ll need a dedicated lower receiver to feed either Colt- or Glock-pattern 9mm magazines. However, with the CMMG 9 ARC magazine, those who own a traditional AR-15 can also make use of the company’s Radial Delayed Blowback upper receivers. The CMMG 9 ARC conversion magazines feature the same external dimensions as a standard AR-15 magazine. The modified PMAG holds up to 30 rounds of 9mm ammunition and features a built-in feed ramp that takes up space in the magazine body. Thanks to the design of the Radial Delayed Blowback upper receiver, this magazine also provides last-round bolt hold-open.

Cmmg Ar-15 9 Arc Conversion Magazines 9mm

C-Products Ar-15 Duramag Colt Style Magazine 9mm. C Products set out to re-design and perfect the Colt pattern 9mm magazines for the AR-15. With the DURAMAG SS you can feel confident that it will feed the widest variety of 9A-19 ammunition, even defensive hollow points and heavy sub-sonic loads. 9mm AR-15 magazine have always been notoriously stubborn to load, but loading the last round is just as easy as loading the first round with a DURAMAG SS. Available in 10rd, 20rd, and 32rd capacities. 410 Stainless Steel body EverFlex anti-fatigue spring Advanced Geometry Follower

C-Products Ar-15 Duramag Colt Style Magazine 9mm

C-Products Ar-15 Magazine 350 Legend Stainless Steel Black. The .350 Legend DURAMAG SS is an AR-15 pattern magazine designed for serious shooters who require the most out of their magazines. With the Duramag SS .350 mag you are getting .350 specific rib geometry which is crucial to reliable feeding and round stack internally. These magazines are also marked with .350 on the body and the follower to help with quick identification. Constructed from premium 410 Stainless Steel and built with advanced interior and exterior geometries to ensure ultimate reliability and feeding. These magazines utilize the T-360 coating to ensure incredible performance and product longevity through the harshest conditions. The .350 Legend magazines are ava

C-Products Ar-15 Magazine 350 Legend Stainless Steel Black

Cross Industries Ltd Ar-15 Cross Mag 10/10 Coupling Magazines. CROSS MAG AR15 Pistol Coupling Magazine Featuring a unique coupling mechanism integral to the floor plate, couple two magazines end-to-end in 4 unique configurations in seconds, allowing faster reloads so you can RETURN MORE FIRE. Designed and manufactured in house at the Cross Industries state-of-the-art factory in Canada, they know what it takes to withstand frigid temperatures, rough handling and competition use. The transparent bodies allow quick visual indication of how many rounds you have left, or the type of rounds, which is particularly useful for running 300 Blackout. The integral coupling floor plate allows you to couple the magazines end-to-end in either a c

Cross Industries Ltd Ar-15 Cross Mag 10/10 Coupling Magazines

Cva Cva Cascade Magnum Action 4rd Magazine. Designed specifically for the CVA Cascade bolt action rifle. This detachable magazine is made of a tough polymer material, and has a 4 round cartridge capacity. Pick one up as a replacement or buy a second magazine as a back-up!

Cva Cva Cascade Magnum Action 4rd Magazine