Bob Hahin Ar-15 1rd Bob Sled 223/5.56. Self-lubricating, Delrin loading block replaces the magazine and follower for smooth, single round loading. Bolt holds open after every shot. CNC-machined loading tray ensures proper cartridge alignment and reliable feeding. OBS10 provides a short, match-length loading block. OBS20 is the same size and shape as a 20-round AR-15 magazine; approved for Service Rifle competitions.

Bob Hahin Ar-15 1rd Bob Sled 223/5.56

Bob Hahin Ar-15 1rd Bob Sled 223/5.56

Bob Hahin Ar-15 1rd Bob Sled 223/5.56. If you shoot High Power rifle across the course with an AR rifle, the Bob Sled single shot magazine is just the ticket for the two slow fire positions . When using rounds with the longer bullets seated out to an overall length greater than magazine length, some type of single shot follower is necessary. Available in a short length for match rifle shooters and a long length for CMP/NRA Service rifle shooters . The Bob Sled replaces a normal magazine and has a built-in single shot follower designed to accommodate rounds longer than standard magazine length. The Bob Sled locks the bolt into the open position after firing allowing you to load t

Bob Hahin Ar-15 1rd Bob Sled 223/5.56

Bob Hahin Short Action Aics Bob Sled 1rd Magazines. The Bob Sleds for Accutacy International inserts in place of your magazine to allow you to easily load single rounds. The sled is made from durable, long lasting Delrin to ensure a lifetime of use. Made for bolt action rifles that accept Accuracy International magazines.

Bob Hahin Short Action Aics Bob Sled 1rd Magazines

Boonie Packer Products Ar-15/M16 Improved Redi-Mag. Don’t lose precious seconds in competition or combat fumbling for a spare magazine during a reload. This rugged speed loading system clamps directly to the lower receiver of any AR-15/M16 rifle or carbine and securely holds a second, fully loaded magazine alongside the mag well for super-fast mag changes. More reliable and easier to use than improvised methods, like taping two magazines together, that can cause malfunctions at critical moments. Closed-top design protects the spare mag from rain, dirt, dust, and debris and prevents the top round from jumping forward under recoil. Independent release system lets you drop the spare mag and the mag in the weapon separately to allow tact

Boonie Packer Products Ar-15/M16 Improved Redi-Mag

Brownells Ammo Can with 10-Pk 30-Rd Pmags. Always ready for quick transport, Tactical Mag Cans offer a protected method of storage for loaded magazines. Each mag is individually secured with ridged precut foam padding to prevent bumping, sliding and scratching. Box shuts tight with an O-ring seal and solid latching system. Security tabbed for two padlocks. Molded-in stacking ridges for slip resistant stacking. Comfortable handle for when you’re bugging out. Designed to hold 20 or 30 round 223/5.56 AR15 magazines in precut foam padding Stackable design and triple padlock tabbed for security Water-resistant O-ring seal for dry storage; Non-submersible Capacity: 15 And to get you started we have paired this ammo

Brownells Ammo Can W/ 10-Pk 30-Rd Pmags

Brownells Ar-15 20rd Waffle Magazine Steel. The Brownells Retro Waffle steel 20-round M16 magazine is a close replica of the original military M16 magazines issued in the late 1950s and early ’60s. With the distinctive waffle pattern stamped into its steel body, just like the originals, our Waffle 20-round M16 magazine gives the final touch of period accuracy to your “retro” reproduction rifle. Most of the original USGI waffle mags were destroyed by the Department of Defense and so are extremely rare and hard to come by – and the few that survived are collector’s items too valuable to shoot. Our mags give you the period-correct appearance at a fraction of the cost, with 100% up-to-date and

Brownells Ar-15 20rd Waffle Magazine Steel